Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Changes, Recipe Rewinds & Bread Salad

We're moving! (I can't believe it, still seems a bit surreal to say that)

We're headed back to the states this month to be closer to family, and raise the little man. Tim is also starting a new venture in his career. Lots of exciting things to come for our little family!

Since I'll still be vegetarian and a hausfrau, the culinary adventure will continue... just from a different continent.

It's exciting and wonderful, and overwhelming and chaotic. Moving with a 5 month old, yikes! Now THAT is going to be an adventure.

To give me a breather and cross one item off my to-dos during the move, I will be on a blogging break. That does not mean recipes wont be posted. However, until we're in our new state-side chateau (ha, ha, ha - we wish!), I'll be hosting 'Recipe Rewinds'; favorite recipes from the last year and a half. I expect to be in rewind-mode for about a month, but no promises.

See you again soon, friends.

First Recipe Rewind: Bread Salad

A summertime favorite! Requires only a bit of oven time to toast your bread. Done in a flash, this cool meal is sure to please on a hot day.

Find the recipe here.

Guten appetit!

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