Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Recipe Rewind: Happy Hour Mushrooms

There are a few things I have been dying to make since being home... does that sound too dramatic? 'Dying to make'?! But it's true, I've thought about certain recipes every day for the past month. Here's one of the foods on my mind:

Happy Hour Mushrooms (aka: Stuffed Mushrooms).

These went from special occasion appetizers, to 'I feel like happy hour mushrooms tonight, random Wednesday that it is, even though it's just Tim and I'. I've made them for so many years, it's no problem to scale the recipe to just 10 mushrooms, satisfying my craving (the recipe is easy anyway, but it makes a lot more than 10 mushrooms).

I recommend you make these soon as well. Then, we can all be happy. Because they will make you happy.

Find the recipe here.

Guten appetit!

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