Monday, March 16, 2009

New Food Blog

My sister, Christine, has started her own food blog: Chop, Mince & Dice

Oh, how fast these young'ins grow up!

Actually, my sister is a great cook. Has been for a while. She eagerly cooks for friends, her boyfriend, herself and family. When I find a new recipe I like, I usually send it to her. Especially if the recipe has meat - I live through her carnivorous ways, ha, ha.

If you have a chance, check out her blog and say 'hi'. She's got a great first recipe posted: Dark Chocolate Crackle cookies. Chocolate AND freezer friendly. Score.

Her recipes will mostly be coming from her 'girls night' dinners, so fyi - if she happens to spill any of the gossip discussed at dinner, would make for another great reason to read the blog. Those girls are hilarious, and lead quite the interesting lives. (wink, wink)


1 comment:

Christie said...

haha...I love it! I do have some amazing gossip with my girls:) Thanks for the shout out! love you!