Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolutions

1. Start cooking new recipes again! I do sometimes, but not nearly as much as I used to. Tim has made a couple comments and I'm surprised that's all it's been! I've been bad, and boring in the kitchen. I'm a broken record lately... pizza, lemongrass tofu, parmesan pasta, quesadillas, take out/go out - repeat. Although, Tim could probably eat quesadillas every night for the rest of his life! But seriously, new recipes. Coming soon.

2. Only post once a week. Sorry '2x/week', it just isn't working out between us. It's me, not you.

3. I will no longer apologize for tardy posts. See #1.

Remember last years new years resolution? A half-hearted 'use my slow cooker'. I never did, but I knew I wouldn't (does that make it better or worse?). We'll see how well this years resolutions hold up.

(p.s. #4, Use my slow cooker more. I WANT to, I really do. But will I? Anyone's guess.)

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PerryBlog said...

As far as #1 goes... Such is the life of a new mom. For me, it is usually right around 9 mos. to a year after baby is born that I start feeling like I'm getting back to myself. I feel like I start to get my old body back - I don't just "fit" into my old clothes, but they actually look okay; I'm ready to start new projects (willingly & excitedly); I start exercising again; start cooking again... Sounds like you're right on track!