Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vegetarian Times

I'm skimping out on you today... but, I'm offering something VERY exciting, in lieu of a recipe. A new recipe is coming on Friday though, I promise. Once I get my head on straight and a few more things put away after the move, I'll be back to my usual posting self.

In the meantime...

Here is an AWESOME deal for you! Get a 2 year subscription to Vegetarian Times for only $7.14. I signed up a couple months ago and got my first magazine this weekend. I love it.

As with any magazine, there are subscription renewals and offers inside, which say 1 year (9 issues) for $19.95. $7.14 is a scream of a deal.

You can also search through Magazine Deals Now to see if more of your favorite magazines are on super sale.

Happy reading!

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Larky Lady said...

Awesome. VT is the only magazine I keep a constant subscription to! I usually get a great deal through magazines.com with promo codes, but this is even better! Thanks, I'll pass it on!