Friday, May 8, 2009

Pamper Mom

This is for the boys. Print and give this to the man in your life.

Some men are blessed with the interest and ability to whip up a fantastic meal. Others avoid the kitchen like the plague. Either way, this list gives any guy the opportunity to shine! I love these super easy, simple directions.

For the dads, make mom's day special, outside of the kitchen. Or maybe you know of a teenage boy, living with his mom. Hand him this list, and give him a nudge in the right direction - to stop and remind his mom how much he appreciates her.

I can't wait to celebrate my first Mother's Day! How very lucky I feel, to have my amazing husband and son in my life.

Make Mom breakfast:

adapted from WebMd

* Bake reduced-fat cinnamon rolls (in the pop-fresh can from Pillsbury, found in the refrigerated section).
* Use reduced-fat Bisquick and follow the directions on the box to make pancakes or waffles. If you are making pancakes, jazz them up by stirring in some frozen blueberries. If you are making waffles, top them with sliced strawberries and serve with a dollop of Light Cool Whip or light whipped cream (from the pressurized can, also in the refrigerated section of the grocery store).
* Blend up a strawberry smoothie: 5 large strawberries (frozen are OK), one container light or fat-free strawberry yogurt, and a banana. Put all ingredients into blender, and blend. Add milk as needed, to reach desired consistency. Serves 1.
* Layer up a beautiful yogurt parfait in a tall glass. Use flavored yogurt, top with berries or sliced fruit, then low-fat granola. Repeat the layers, if there's room in the glass.
* Start with multi-grain toaster waffles. Top with fresh fruit, a sprinkling of powdered sugar, and a dollop of Light Cool Whip or light whipped cream.
* Make an egg-and-cheese bagel open-faced in a toaster oven: Fry 1 egg in a pan coated with cooking spray (best to fry both sides, or be very careful not to break the yoke as you transfer it to the toaster oven). Place a whole-grain bagel half in the toaster for about 30 seconds (enough to get the top crispy, without toasting too much; you still need to leave it in longer and melt the cheese! Place the egg on top of the bagel half, and sprinkle with sliced or shredded cheese of your choice. Continue to broil or toast until cheese is nicely melted. If you're worried about the cheese melting and making a mess, place the bagel on a toaster safe tray or piece of aluminum foil.
* Serve any of the above breakfast items with a fresh fruit kabob (just line up fruit chunks on a skewer) or a melon slice topped with grapes or fresh berries.


Make Mom lunch:

* Whip up a batch of albacore tuna salad with a can of water-packed solid white albacore tuna, drained; 1-2 tablespoons of light mayo; and some pickle relish (optional). Mix together in a bowl, with a dash of black pepper. Serve on her favorite bread with lettuce and tomato.
* Make a quick pasta salad by tossing cooked, cooled pasta; a handful of canned garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed (also called Chickpeas); cubes of mozzarella or cheddar cheese; diced red pepper and/or broccoli florets; and bottled light Italian salad dressing.
* Bake up some nachos by layering reduced-fat tortilla chips; canned, vegetarian refried beans; shredded reduced-fat jack or cheddar cheese; and chopped green onions. Bake in 400-degree oven until cheese melts (10-15 minutes). Top with fat-free sour cream and salsa. You can add sliced ripe avocado, to be really fancy.
* Grill or pan-fry a Gardenburger (you'll find several flavors in the frozen food section) with a slice of cheese melted on top. Serve on a toasted multi-grain bun with grilled onions (Heat 1 teaspoon vegetable oil in a pan over medium heat, and add a handful of sliced onions. Cook, stirring often, approximately 8-10 minutes, until the onions are starting to brown and look opaque) or sliced tomato and lettuce.

Make Mom dinner:

* Make a quesadilla by sandwiching shredded Jack or cheddar cheese inside two flour tortillas (use the higher-fiber ones if you can find them). Heat 2 teaspoons vegetable oil in a nonstick frying pan, and add the quesadilla. Fry on both sides, until the cheese melts; serve with sliced avocado, salsa, and fat-free sour cream.
* Grill some salmon teriyaki. Coat salmon filets with bottled teriyaki sauce, then broil or grill them until cooked throughout. Serve with cooked brown rice (follow the directions on the box or bag) and steamed veggies.
* Serve up soup in a bread bowl! Hollow out a small sourdough bread round (usually around 6 inches wide, and found in the bakery section) and fill with gourmet canned soup that you've heated in a saucepan over the stove (Wolfgang Puck has tasty soup options with 6 grams of fat or less per serving). Garnish with shredded Parmesan cheese.
* Shrimp cocktail can be quickly put together with defrosted pre-cooked shrimp (from the frozen fish section) served in a pretty glass or bowl with bottled cocktail sauce.
* For quickie pasta, boil fresh packaged tortellini or ravioli, drain, then serve with bottled marinara sauce or pesto. Serve with cooked veggies.
* Make designer pizza! Start with a Boboli pizza crust and top with bottled pizza sauce. Add shredded cheese of choice and whatever toppings you desire (sun-dried tomatoes, mushroom slices, artichoke hearts, black olives, green or red pepper slices, etc.).

Don't forget the wine.

Guten appetit, and a very happy Mother's Day!

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