Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Guests in Town, Menu Planned

We have guests in town for 10 days, although they may skip over to Prague for a couple days. I love it and am soooo excited!! Naturally they're here for Oktoberfest, but there's many other things to do and see and we'll be busy!

I plan to be out sightseeing and visiting with my friends, and not in the kitchen the whole time. 10 days makes for a lot of breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I expect we'll be out for many of the meals (especially lunch), but other times relaxing at home after touring all day and wanting a yummy dinner. So, in lieu of a recipe today, I'm giving you my guest menu with lots of yummy recipes previously posted.

I did as much prep work as I could and froze some foods to make life a bit easier. Do you have any great make-ahead guest recipes, or easy go-to recipes when entertaining house guests? Do share!

Here's what I pre-made/froze:
- Morning Glory Muffins
- Pasta Casserole
- Enchiladas
- Four Cheese Stuffed Shells

And here are some of the foods I'm making fresh:
- Pumpkin Muffins (recipe coming at the end of the month)
- Chickpeas with Spinach and Rice
- Garlicky Peppers with Shrimp

I also keep a handy supply of snacks around:
- Hummus
- Yogurt
- Fruit
- Bread and cheeses

Guten appetit!

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