Monday, June 23, 2008

Product of the Month: Mushroom Brush

Mushroom brushes: I had never heard of such a thing, before Germany. Do you have one?

They are the best invention, and I can no longer live without my mushroom brush. Seriously.

I used to spend 1o minutes washing 1/2 pound of mushrooms, because as I would wash them by hand, they would start to 'peel' and then once you start one peel on the cap, the rest of the cap needed to be peeled. My sink also looked like a mushroom peel battleground.

Well, no longer.

The mushroom brush gets all the dirt, and even some dark spots, off the mushrooms without ever peeling the mushroom. AND, it take me so much less time. I'm probably down to 2-3 minutes vs. 10. That alone is worth the purchase of this little wonderful, handy, you-gotta-have-it gadget.

I found mine at a German craft-fest, with stalls of kitchen, pottery, etc. items. Here's one from Sur la Table for $1.95.

Works great while making Happy Hour Mushrooms.

Happy mushroom cleaning!

Guten appetit.


JaimeM said...

That's awesome! I need to get me one of those. :)

Love your blog and all your great recipes!

Loidhamer Family said...

I have one just like the one from Sur La Table - but it came from Walmart. Everyone should have one of those!

laura said...

Thanks Jamie!

Lori- yes, everyone should have one. They're fabulous.