Monday, June 2, 2008

Chickpea & Corn Fritters

You may think I say this a lot, but... this really is one of our favorite recipes. Ok, ok. Maybe we have a lot of favorite recipes. But naturally, we like to share only the best with you!

How much do we like them? Well, it's a pretty serious attraction, so I'll say... we 'like them-like them'. We make these corn fritters once every 2-3 weeks.

At the time I made these, I needed an ego boost. It was the day after my 'great pasta casserole disaster'. The corn fritters are fast, easy and make me oh so happy. They satisfactorily restored my confidence and almost (almost) made me forget about the night before. *I have made the corn fritters since them, but the pictures are from a while ago.

I serve the fritters with a homemade chipotle salsa, and our simple salad.

Chickpea & Corn Fritters
from Cookinglight

2 teaspoons olive oil, divided
1 1/2 cups fresh corn kernels (about 3 ears)
1 cup chopped onion
1 teaspoon minced fresh or 1/4 teaspoon dried thyme
1 (19-ounce) can chickpeas (garbanzo beans), rinsed and drained
1/2 cup fresh breadcrumbs
3 tablespoons cornmeal, divided
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground red pepper
Cooking spray

Heat 1 teaspoon oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add corn, onion, and thyme; sauté 2 minutes.

Place onion mixture, chickpeas, breadcrumbs, 2 tablespoons cornmeal, salt, and red pepper in a food processor. Pulse 2 times or until combined and chunky.

Divide chickpea mixture into 4 equal portions, shaping each into a 1/2-inch-thick patty; dredge patties in 1 tablespoon cornmeal.

Heat 1 teaspoon oil in a large nonstick skillet coated with cooking spray over medium-high heat. Add patties; cook 5 minutes. Carefully turn patties over; cook 5 minutes or until golden.

Guten appetit!

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