Tuesday, April 29, 2008


If anyone other than friends ever read this blog, this may or may not bother you...

While I've titled the blog "Vegetarian", we are not strict Vegetarians. Technically, we are Pescetarians. "Pesca wha??" is usually most people's response and why I always tell people I'm Vegetarian. Chalk it up to my own laziness, but after explaining Pescetarianism 100+ times, I've lost my will to explain. To be fair, I understand most people simply haven't heard of Pescetarianism.

For my snippit of the day, I thought I'd forewarn and educate, as you may see Salmon recipes from time to time. Especially now that it's close to grilling season!

Basically, Pescetarians are Vegetarians that eat seafood. A strict Vegetarian would not. Seafood is considered an animal, and a Vegetarian would not eat it.

On a side note, you may have also heard the term Vegan. Vegan's do not eat animals, but in addition, choose not to eat animal products (eggs, butter, milk, etc).

Hopefully true Vegetarians don't black list me... I'm from the NW where the seafood roams free and fresh, and is irresistible. Plus, when you become a strict Vegetarian, it can be more difficult to get some of your body's necessary vitamins and minerals (protein, iron, etc). That's just an excuse though, because frankly, I like seafood.

Therefore, I must fully apologize to the strict Vegetarians, as you may have to skip over the occasional Salmon or Shrimp recipe. But I don't make them often, so you're probably pretty safe!

Guten Appetit!

p.s. Just a reminder that Mother's Day is coming up on May 11, and I hope you have everything planned/squared away for your wonderful mama. I'm sending my cards off today!


lisat said...

I feel smarter already!

laura said...

He, he - very funny! Seriously, I felt spoiled in the NW with the very tolerant foodies and restaurants that offer a plethora of dietary options. I heart seattle!