Friday, April 23, 2010

Holy Toledo

A couple of things today...

There will be no recipe. I have news.

We're having another one of these, in September:

Yay, yay, yay! But - oh, goodness! What is going to happen to my cooking?! Having a baby is well worth my lax, barely lift a spoon (except to eat) attitude for the year following birth. But, I just got back into cooking, and posting and reading my favorite food blogs. Oh, dear.

I fear what this will do to the Vegetarian Hausfrau. I will try, I promise, to post. And maybe I can wrangle some of my fantastic foodie friends into a few guest posts.

Second, I WANT TO EAT THESE TACOS SOOOO BADLY, it's killing me:

Swiss Chard and Caramelized Onion Tacos
picture and recipe
from Tasty Kitchen

I can't do it, though. I stick to the rule of no soft cheeses during pregnancy, even if it's 'probably' OK. These tacos would not taste nearly as good without the cheese, I just know it. Sigh. They will be mine. Oh yes, they will. Come end of September, you can bet your bottom dollar what I'll be eating.

Wishing happy (taco eating) days to you and your family.

The VH


jamie said...

Are those tacos from the Rick Bayless cookbook? We LOVE them! Add TJ's jalapeno black beans to the tortilla & just use queso anejo (hard cheese more like parmesan) instead of soft cheese, and I think you could have yourself a dandy pregnancy craving indulgence. :)

SO, SO happy for your growing family. Miss and love you!!!

Skye said...

waoooooooh.....congrats couz.

i want tacos too!!

Laura said...

@jamie - Tasty Kitchen doesn't site an original source, only the person who added the recipe. I love me some black beans though, and thanks for the cheese recommendation. Will wait for a sunny day and try your adaptation! I love sunny days, bbq'ing and eating on the patio (almost as much as I love tacos!).

@skye - thanks!

Laura Jill said...

Hi! I hope you do find time to keep blogging, as I just found your blog. I'm a newbie learning to be a your site is perfect! Hope to see more.