Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eggs, eggs, eggs and a mighty good sandwich

I'm predicting there will be a surplus of colored, hard boiled eggs in everyone's fridge this week. Am I right?

You know who you are: parents with eager, bunny loving, egg hunting kids, or the oh-so-cute adult who still dye's eggs as a centerpiece (or even better, to use as seat assignments) for the fabulous dinner you're hosting for your dearest friends. P.S. I want to be you!

Us? Well, I did make blueberry muffins for breakfast. But otherwise, we were an easter bunny, dyed-egg free household and spent the day watching Rocky (the original), spinning and playing on the internet. Basically being lazy goofs. Sometimes, those are the best Sundays!

However, we always have hard boiled eggs in the fridge. While eggs have had a bad rap for cholesterol over the years, most of those studies have been overturned. Eggs are a great source of protein and a yummy, quick snack (peel, and sprinkle with a little pepper- mmm). However, we do discard the yoke when eating hard boiled eggs. Unless... unless, using the eggs for egg salad sandwiches.

Which brings me to today's post: egg salad sandwiches. Egg salad sandwiches are so overlooked, but oh so delicious. Everytime I have one, I wonder why I don't make them more often. I'm thinking of deviating from my tried and true sandwich, to make a curried version later this week (stay tuned for how it turns out!).

I feel a bit silly giving a recipe for something so easy, but hey- we all have different ways to make egg salad. So why not share?

Basic egg salad sandwich:

3 hard boiled eggs (discard 1 yoke)
2.5 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper
4 slices whole wheat bread
Leafy lettuce, rinsed and dried (I like romaine leaves)

Peal and mash eggs with a fork. Add Mayonnaise, and mix well.
* The amount of mayo used is based on personal preference. I add a little mayo to my bread, so I don't like to overdo it in the egg mix. Most importantly, start with a small amount and add from there. You can always add more, but you cant take it out once you've added TOO much.

Add pepper to the eggs and mix well. Store in fridge up to 1 day ahead. I typically like to make the egg salad at least an hour or two before, as I think it tastes better having blended the flavors for a while and when it's chilled. Yum.

Spread a thin layer of mayo on your 4 bread slices (if desired), next divide the egg salad and spread evenly onto 2 of your bread slices. Lastly add lettuce, and close up the sandwiches! Makes 2 sandwiches. Double the recipe if you want leftover egg salad for tomorrow's lunch.

As I previously mentioned, there are A LOT of variations on egg salad (adding green onions, watercress for a 'crunch', celery, etc). I like it in it's simplest form (because it's easy), but also, it tastes great! Sometimes when you overdo a recipe, you lose the simple greatness. This recipe can't be anymore simple or great, in my opinion.

Guten appetit!


jamie said...

ahh... when following your recipes i need to remember that you hate salt. what kind of weirdo doesn't like salt on hard boiled eggs? ;-) (my favorite weirdo, that's who.)

laura said...

You'll be happy to know that tim has wedged salt into our kitchen. Not only do we have it in the kitchen, but I use it when boiling water for pasta! I know, I know. Otherwise though, I still rarely touch it. :)